Art Letter excerpt (11/20/09)


“It’s always rewarding to see a rock solid painting exhibit by one of Chicago’s finest artists. Jim Lutes’ exhibition of new work at Valerie Carberry is refreshing after having seen a survey exhibition of his work at the Renaissance Society, which was solid, but by definition, backward looking. This show looks like a bit of a breakthrough with fewer paintings executed in egg tempera – a painstakingly slow medium – in favor of more oil paintings. Not only that, there are strong moves into new a new, more figurative direction, overlaying abstract strokes on quirky representation compositions. This is really good work that makes me want to pay attention to see where it’s taking us.”

Paul Klein’s art letter continues to please as it moves into it’s own website. Check out the full letter with images and thoughts on Corey Postiglione, Thomas Masters, Julie Walsh and her eponymous gallery, Ed Marszewski, Co-Prosperity Sphere, I Space, David Bushman, Architecture of Crisis, James Welling, Donald Young, Ansel Adams, and the Concertina Gallery.

Thanks Paul!

Anthony P. Munoz