September 2009


Tree Awareness Campaign
“Myself (Sam Harris) and three of my fellow coursemates (Llyr Pierce, Hugh Gummett, & Chris Leach) were asked by the Manchester City Council to come up with a campaign to “Celebrate Manchester’s Trees”. As this was a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of trees, we came up with the concept of simply stating what these benefits are. With this concept in mind, the design team at Manchester City Council produced these banners, which were displayed across a number of parks across the city.”



Well Sam, I think your campaign is just dandy. Nice work!

Anthony P. Munoz



Friday, September 25th 2009, 6-10pm
Saturday & Sunday, September 26th & 27th 2009, 12-7pm

The 39th Annual Pilsen East Artists Open House will feature the work of both established and emerging artists in Chicago’s oldest art community. Some neighborhood favorites include, Floyd Davis at Artpentry, Jeremy Ehly, Lindsay Grote, Bridget Bolger & Scott Multer at South Halsted Gallery, Debbie White, Vespine Gallery and Studio, Logsdon 1909, Matt Barber Kennedy, Brian Mancl, Ron Reason, EP Theater, Studio 101, and Chicago Art Department.

This event is a self guided walking tour of the intimate world of the working artist. This neighborhood of creatives welcomes you to experience art at its source as you visit their home, studio, theater, dance space, gallery. More than 50 artists will participate and be on hand to discuss their work and share their creative process, don’t miss this unique perspective.

This is a multi-location event and spans approximately 6 blocks. The central location of the event is South Halsted and 18th Streets in Chicago. Please visit the info center at 1821 South Halsted for maps and event details.

Chicago Art Department Exhibiting Artists:

Abraham Velazquez

Byron Durham

Chris Hales

Hansol Goo

Hilesh Patel

Jeannie Lugtu

Jen Rosenthal

Jova Durán

Kirsten Strauss

Mike Nourse

Mike Wilgus

Nat Soti

Nathan Peck

Seth Gersberg

Stacy Peterson

Vivian Sakellariou

— Anthony P. Munoz


TO:CA ‘wood’ LED clock designed by kouji iwasaki in 2002. This ‘wooden’ LED clock won top prize at the asahikawa international design fair in 2002.
These clever clocks have a very thin layer of veneer that permits the LEDs to shine through.

Available in two styles : a long version, perfect for your nightstand, and a tall version, which is ideal for wall hanging or placement on a mantle.


These do not have alarm clock capabilities. dimensions: tall – 8.25″w x 4.5″h x 1.75″d : long – 8.25″w x 3.5h” x 3.5d”


dijital fix
Unica Home

— Anthony P. Munoz


willy whale


penelope pirate owl

We can’t get enough of these gorgeous wooden cards from from Night Owl Paper Goods in Birmingham, Alabama. Since we wrought about them in Spring of 2008 they’ve added tons of cute designs. Why would you send anyone a card from global corporation you picked up at the gas station. These post cards are perfect for anyone on you greeting list.


sally spider


buck up buttercup!


see saw


water otter

Eco-friendly, sustainably harvested yellow birch cards

Wood grain varies from card to card, creating quite
an original note, gift or small piece of art.
Each card is more enchanting than the next!
* Write with ease using a pen, pencil or marker
* 1 flat wooden card with colorful envelope
* Blank on back
* Packaged in a clear envelope
* A2 – 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″



dog doily flowers


blue flower squirrels

from Night Owl Paper Goods

Anthony P. Munoz