June 2009

Irina Blok’s fun collection of wearables for those of us out there that are between jobs.

“Got laid off? Not a problem! Who wants to spend days pouring over job listings? It’s time to have fun. This collection of round pins would make great gifts for people that still have sense of humor about the situation.

Desperate? Wear your resume on a tshirt! Contact Irina for the custom shirt ($50 each).”

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— Anthony P. Munoz


I stumbled on the most amazing calendar from Russia created by the powerhouse Sahar agency and creative director Ann Gavriljuk. The “Friday/Weekly calendar was part of REVO energy drink promotional event, a pop-art collage exhibition at the Collection gallery in Kiev. It has won some accolades including where I found them, a nomination on the graphic design “Short-list” for the KAKADU AWARDS, the Ukrainian national creative competition.

From their site:
“Pop-art collages exhibition «REVO 52» took place at «Collection» gallery from January 23d to 28th. More than hundred people visited this exposition, dedicated to great weekly celebration – Mistress Friday, right after opening.
29 January 2009”

“Since the moment of opening «REVO 52» exposition in «Collection» gallery, absolutely Friday atmosphere took over – REVO, pop-corn, music, beautiful smiling people, collages, flashes, calendars, colorful details, REVO & pop-corn once more… That´s why everybody decided to go on without officialpart: for Friday spirit and officialism are incompatible. Why should we spoil our party?:-) Weekend wilderness took everyone´s mind over. Authors were pleased with spectators attention, and guests liked the atmosphere of joyful art-party, which absolutely could become a theme for the 53d collage.
«REVO brand communications are courage and recklessness, joy and fun, art, collage and friday party. So time, place and mood of collage presentation were absolutely right: exhibition was live, daring and reckless – in a brand mood. Friday rules!» – this is cheerful resolution from Irina Mettus, PR and communications director.”

“Ann Gavriljuk, Sahar creative director: «REVO project is like bright flashes, coming one by one. Everything happened in a blink. Idea of Fridays calendar was born in a second, without a brief. Friends from «New Products» took it up with no doubt – they feel their brand and audience really good.We also quickly defined calendar style – collages, of course – bright and crazy, like Friday itself. Almost all creative department was working on a tight timetable – 52 collages in 1,5 months! This project became real fun for authors – each collage was literally lived through. Interesting: when clients saw calendar, they immediately decided to double number of copies.But that still was not enough, ´cause everybody wanted to get calendar. We got the point that doubling won’t solve the problem. That´s why we decided to throw «REVO 52» exhibition. This idea was taken up by client, calendar-hunters and «Collection» gallery. That´s how we came up to this solemn event – collages exposition in art-gallery. Our guests got their long-expected calendars and friday party, authors got creative recognition and inspiration.”


— Anthony P. Munoz

Art, Style, Coolness. French.
I like.

available on may 6th 2009

Exclusive cover artwork by Barry McGee !

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— Anthony P. Munoz

Quimby The Mouse

June 1, 2009 

Vertical Park: Stackable Solar Skyscraper for Mexico City

by Alexandra Kain from inhabitat.com

sustainable design, green design, mexico city, vertical park, solar power, hernandez de la garza, green building, sustainable architecture

In the ever-expanding metropolis of Mexico City, green space is hard to come by. An estimated population of 22 million inhabitants bears an impressive weight on the Valley of Mexico and, in recent years, architects and urbanists have been examining solutions to combat the thickening smog. This stunning Vertical Park by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza intends to infuse the city with much-needed green space in the form of a modular skyscraper made up of a series of stacking units. The solar-powered structure contains sky-gardens in addition to spaces for living and working, and recycles all of its own water.

 sustainable design, green design, mexico city, vertical park, solar power, hernandez de la garza, green building, sustainable architecture

Each module of the Vertical Park can be configured to provide space for public and private use, water and solar collection, and urban farming. This allows for flexibility in design, size, and location – including the potential for relocation throughout the city or the world. The Vertical Park’s steel frame will support solar panels used to power the building’s diverse functions and allow wind to pass through structure on warm days.

+ Hernandez de la Garza

Via Plataforma Arqutectura

Disclaimer: Hernandez de la Garza’s website is currently reported as an “attack site” by Google – surf at your own risk.