Of The Brief Adventure That Befell The Striped Bird
This is a 2 color screen print measures 11″x 14″ and is in an edition of 35. It is signed and numbered on cardstock. It features the adventures of the striped bird.

The prints on Etsy by MIchael C. Hsiung are as gorgeous as they are affordable.

“Of Chinese-American descent, Michael C. Hsiung is known for his black-and-white ink drawings depicting oddly realistic tales from a time long past. His art features imaginary characters and fantastical creatures, such as centaurs and mermen, who inhabit a landscape of ruined castles, dead animals, and withered trees. Protagonists include mermen in precarious and questionable situations, Victorian athletes and fancy men with dead prey, or imaginary and real animals struggling with their environment. Michael C. Hsiung currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to draw, show his work, sell prints, collect old books, and manage his website. He has done illustrations and artwork for the following: Dr. Martens, Dwindle / Enjoi Skateboards, Oxford American Magazine, Ling Ling Magazine (Spain), JupiterImages, LA Records, and Los Angeles bands Division Day and Henry Clay People. He has show with various galleries, including East of Eden at Barnsdall Park, 2008 Helsinki Biennial, and most recently GR2’s Year of the Ox group show.”


— Anthony P. Munoz