“Last year the package design for Yaoki Japanese brand won 2 prestigious awards in its category: LIA 2007 (Silver in “Alcoholic drinks”) and Red Dot Award 2007 (Communivation design/Packaging design).

“The name “Yaoki” is derived from a Japanese old proverb “Nana korobi yaoki”. It means “Stand up on the eighth attempt after falling seven times” and epitomises the spirit of “Never give up!” The special shape of the bottle reflects this concept.

Shaped like a roly-poly Daruma doll it will stand up again and again even if it almost falls over. The arita-yaki material is remarkable too: a porcelain made in one of the most famous potteries in the world. “We hope that Yaoki will heal you deeply and give you power for tomorrow.””

design: DENTSU KYUSHU INC., Fukuoka
Tadashi Cho, Taisuke Matsuoka, Tsubasa Takasu

art direction:
Takao Ito

Iku Nara

Shinji Kaneko

bottle production: Yamahei Kamamoto, Kubotaminoru Ceramics Co.

— from PopSop.com

— Anthony P. Munoz