“Tony Wight Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by New York-based Tamar Halpern. This marks the artist’s first exhibition with Tony Wight Gallery.

Loneliness, 2008
Digital C Print

Halpern’s recent photographs narrate their own creation, engaging the unpredictability of their very production. Photography’s denotation as drawing with light is manifest in her utilization of photographic processes including photography, photocopy, digital manipulation, and multiple exposure, sometimes as one gesture, other times as accumulations of affects that are always vitally evident in the final images. Using the medium of photography not as a representation of the outside world, Halpern instead actively works to resist photography’s conceit as a concretization of time. Her images strive to articulate a moment, something that never was.

She is less concerned with the specifics of subject matter, that is, of categorizations as “portrait”, “landscape,” and so on, and more so with the processes, both materially and conceptually, of making pictures. Issues of representation versus abstraction are rendered moot in Halpern’s work, as the world is always made abstract through photographic representation. She exploits this conflation of expectations in order to pull, push, and tug at what we expect from pictures.

Riffing off of Robert Rauschenberg and other Pop artists, Halpern aims to generate new meaning in the juxtapositions of seemingly banal fragments alongside remnants of fleeting photographic narratives. Her process is an intuitive one where each work announces its own end, arrived at through risk-taking, mistake-making and curiosity.

TAMAR HALPERN (American, b. 1979) has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. In 2007, she mounted a solo exhibition at White Columns in New York. Group exhibitions include L’atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris; Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp; John Connelly Presents, New York; Eleven Rivington, New York; Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York; Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco.”

BURN!, 2008
Silver gelatin print

Venus, 2008
Digital C Print

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— Anthony P. Munoz