July 2008


When Thomas Pedersen was about to complete his graduation project from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002 he stumbled across a problem: the school has an excellent wood workshop but no facilities for working in metal or glass fibre, facilities which Thomas Pedersen needed for his project.

“Together with another student who also worked in glass fibre, I completed my project out in the school car park. That caused a few problems because the fibre glass made a mess and the dust settled on the teachers’ cars,” Pedersen explains.

His tenacity was rewarded, however. His project culminated in the unusual Stingray rocking chair, which assured Pedersen his place among the most talked about design talents.

“It’s not that I’ve got anything against wood, it’s just that there already is so much wooden furniture about. I wanted to show that it pays to think in new ways and use unconventional materials,” he says.

The name of the chair derives from the stingray. The Danish word for stingray is “rokke” which sounds like the first part of the word “rock” in “rocking chair” and the shell does resemble a giant stingray moving across the seabed. But it was the functionality that came first, not the design.

“I wanted to make a swivel chair with lots of different sitting positions. The stingray-like shape came into being as a result of the functionality,” insists Pedersen.

Thomas Pedersen

— Anthony P. Munoz


New paintings and some recent drawings and sculptures are on display at Litou Space, 798 Art Zone, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The show is on from Jul 12 to August 12th. If you’re in the area please do stop by to visit it.

Those interested in purchasing any of the work should contact Mr Luo Xiaohu – luo ‘at’ beacon-fire.com

Upcoming shows:
7-30 Aug: We’ve Been Expecting You, Group show, Concrete Hermit gallery, 5a Club Row, London E1.
30 Aug: Anserine Apparitions, solo show at Helium Cowboy gallery, Hamburg.
19 Oct-Nov 1: Solo show at Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London.

You can take home an affordable Burgerman and even play with it!

The Burgermenos Egg Qee. Collect all 8!

— Anthony P. Munoz

The new book by Zach Plague from featherproof books.

On Pre-sale Now!
“When the mysterious gray book that drives their twisted relationship goes missing, Ollister and Adelaide lose their post-modern marbles. He plots revenge against art patriarch The Platypus, while she obsesses over their anti-love affair. Meanwhile, the art school set experiments with bad drugs, bad sex, and bad ideas. But none of these desperate young minds has counted on the intrusion of a punk named Punk and his potent sex drug. This wild slew of characters get caught up in the gravitational pull of The Platypus’ giant art ball, where a confused art terrorism cell threatens a ludicrous and hilarious implosion. Zach Plague has written and designed a hybrid typo/graphic novel which skewers the art world, and those boring enough to fall into its traps.”
–featherproof books

I’ve only seen an online version of this book, but I love the graphic concept behind it. Multiple posters were printed then chopped up and bound to make the book. Both the book and posters will be available soon from featherproof books in the next week or so. In the meantime you check out a preview online.

— Anthony P. Munoz

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GALLERY TALK: Changing Spaces Shaping Places: Exploring OurOwn BackyardThursday, July 10, 6pm at MoCPIn conjunction with Critical Encounters, Columbia College Chicago, Faculty Fellows Dr. Kevin Fuller and Dr. Stephanie Shonekan, along with Beyond the Backyard exhibition curator Karsten Lund, explore the function of private and public spaces, and examine the meaning of these settings in the American consciousness. For more information about CriticalEncounters visit http://www.colum.edu/criticalencounters.

— Anthony P. Munoz

Vespine Gallery
July 4th-26, 2008

Friday, July 11th

1907 S. Halsted, 1st Floor
Chicago, IL

Project AIM at the Center for Community Arts Partnerships, Columbia College Chicago and Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education present a multi-media exhibition of work by 19 professional teaching artists. This exhibit showcases artists’ conceptual explorations on the theme of mapping, inspired by Chicago’s Festival of Maps and by their collaborations with students in eight Chicago Public Schools.

— Anthony P. Munoz