Hurry! Deadline August 1, 2008
Reinvent our space, bring the Middle East home

The Khatt Design Collection Competition, a Limited Edition of Wall Stickers by Mosaiques

The Khatt Foundation and the trend-setting company Mosaiques, in collaboration with Dubai-based design gallery Traffic, are launching for the first time a wall stickers collection reflecting the multifaceted Middle Eastern identity.
Wall stickers are the latest innovation in contemporary interior design. They democratise art by bringing it into ordinary people’s living spaces. Made from self-adhesive vinyl, wall stickers can be applied to various surfaces (walls, doors, windows, furniture and floor), giving a high-gloss painted look. At very affordable prices, they are the simplest way to revamp and decorate interiors. They help consumers create a personalized sense of place.

This design competition will therefore provide a platform for talented Khatt Network members to reach out to wider audiences within and outside the design world of Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.

vinyl wall sticker
by Pink Sushi Design

Out of all submissions, 20 designs will be selected for a limited edition of 50 numbered pieces. The 20 designs will be produced and marketed under the label “Khatt Design Collection, a Limited Edition of Vynils by Mosaiques”, and will be exhibited at Traffic for three weeks from November 13th. The reputation of Traffic as ‘must stop shop’ for individuals and architectural/design firms, and its location near the up-market Mall of the Emirates makes it the perfect partner for the launch of this culturally sensitive and sought-after design product.

Anthony P.