June 2008

Hurry! Deadline August 1, 2008
Reinvent our space, bring the Middle East home

The Khatt Design Collection Competition, a Limited Edition of Wall Stickers by Mosaiques

The Khatt Foundation and the trend-setting company Mosaiques, in collaboration with Dubai-based design gallery Traffic, are launching for the first time a wall stickers collection reflecting the multifaceted Middle Eastern identity.
Wall stickers are the latest innovation in contemporary interior design. They democratise art by bringing it into ordinary people’s living spaces. Made from self-adhesive vinyl, wall stickers can be applied to various surfaces (walls, doors, windows, furniture and floor), giving a high-gloss painted look. At very affordable prices, they are the simplest way to revamp and decorate interiors. They help consumers create a personalized sense of place.

This design competition will therefore provide a platform for talented Khatt Network members to reach out to wider audiences within and outside the design world of Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.

vinyl wall sticker
by Pink Sushi Design

Out of all submissions, 20 designs will be selected for a limited edition of 50 numbered pieces. The 20 designs will be produced and marketed under the label “Khatt Design Collection, a Limited Edition of Vynils by Mosaiques”, and will be exhibited at Traffic for three weeks from November 13th. The reputation of Traffic as ‘must stop shop’ for individuals and architectural/design firms, and its location near the up-market Mall of the Emirates makes it the perfect partner for the launch of this culturally sensitive and sought-after design product.

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Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

As a new Dad and lover of retro styling, it’s hard for me not to love this great looking toy from Radio Flyer.

If you are in Chicago, head up north on Grand Avenue. As the road dead-ends into a strip mall, look behind you. You’ll see the world’s largest Radio Flyer wagon parked in front of the factory.

They’ve been located in Chicago since they were founded by Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin in 1917. Originally called the Liberty Steel Company, he quickly changed the name to honor the two new technologies he was fascinated by.

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Location: 1932 S. Halsted unit 100
Reception Date: Friday June 13
Time: 6pm-10pm

4Art Inc. Gallery is approaching the second month of its Phase VI group show, to open on June 13. New works will be featured from our 17 resident artists that range in mediums from oil, acrylic, sculpture, digital art, photography, collage, fashion, jewelry, and mixed media.

The Phase IV show runs from Mayto October, with new art displayed the second Friday of each month. The goal is to give patrons the opportunity to view these individuals grow in their artistic journey.

Some highlights of the PHASE VI show include: the photography of Robert C. Anderson, who looks to capture the unflinching boldness and nit and gritof daily reality in urban environments; the mixed media collages of Sonia Katz, which combine painted white Japanese and watercolor paper to convey a sense of abstract and creative freedom; and the digital photography of Benjamin Jaffee, which centers around the concept of modern ruins as a representation of the remnants of people, as they might appear to a future intrepid voyager.

4ART’S ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAM is based on three goals. First, we look to foster an understanding of both the process and the work the artists create. Second, we seek to form a connection between the artists and the patrons. Third, we want to foster an appreciation for both the art work and the artists who create it.

This month features: SALOME JAFFE.

Agnieszka Kulon – Fashion
Frederick Sperry – Sculptural Etchings
Benjamin Jaffe – Digital Art
Chantal Philipon-Cegede – Aqua Media
Judee Gallager – Mixed Media
Jason Brammer – Acrylic
Laura Lein-Svencner – Collage
Salome Jaffe – Mixed Media
Ned Broderick – Oil, Mixed Media
Sonia Katz – Collage
Steve Cox – Oil, Mixed Media
Magdalena Lis – Oil, Mixed Media
Tom Keefer – Mixed Media
Robert C. Anderson – Photography
Roderick De Jesus – Illustration
Melissa Kolbusz [wired] – Jewelry
Robin M. Rios – Digital Art, Chessboards

4Art is proud to welcome:
Singer/Song writter/Spoken Word Artist Tovi Khali and her band.

Anthony P. Munoz

ImageNEW BLOOD, the solo exhibition series by Jordan Eagles is wrapping up it’s spring tour with a show in Atlanta. Hopefully you caught the first part of the tour in NYC or San Francisco.

You can see his metaphysical, splashy art work from May 23rd-July 20th, 2008 Krause Gallery
291 Peters Street SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313


Anthony P. Munoz

Dargerism: Contemporary Artists and Henry Darger
New York
American Folk Art Museum
Now through September 21

Grayson Perry
He Comes Not In Triumph, 2004
Glazed ceramics
21 x 12 in./ 53.3 x 30.5 cm
Photo: Victoria Miro Gallery, London
© Grayson Perry
Courtesy American Folk Art Museum, New York

New York’s American Folk Art Museum brings together 11 contemporary artists from all over the world who have been influenced by the visionary self-taught artist Henry Darger. Darger’s epic paintings of the Vivian Girls — the abolitionist heroines of his fantastical writings — hang beside the younger artists’ work on two floors. Some exhibit obvious relationships with the Chicago recluse, such as Justin Lieberman, who overlays Darger’s backgrounds with images of nudes and young beauty queens, and Anthony Goicolea, who recreates Darger’s imagery in photographs. Others, including Amy Cutler, Trenton Doyle Hancock, and Grayson Perry, display similar interests in myth-making, queer affect, and utopian striving. By highlighting the outsider artist’s growing influence on contemporary art, Dargerism challenges the art-historical canon, as it considers the aesthetic possibilities of narrative, struggle, and transgression. – Thomas Lax

Anthony P. Munoz