Here’s the cover artwork and playlist from my lastest compilation for friends.Winter dole-drums have set in and everyone is quite vocally sick and tired. Our 124th compilation tip toes around complaints and roundhouse kicks them with a healthy dose of musical genius.Toronto suburban musicians, The Most Serene Republic, start out this mix with the sweepingly orchestral, Humble Peasants. Another wonderful band on the Arts & Crafts record label, their 2007 release, Population, has to be one of the greatest albums of last year. Lush, complicated, unexpected, sunny, art rock. You’ll be hearing much more from them in upcoming mixes.Number 7, Ten Thousand Lines, is by Music Swap favorites Electric President, one of the many projects by Jacksonville, Florida’s prolific musician and artist – Ben Cooper.Hippy-dippy world rockers, Janah come in 8th giving us a delicious musical vegan burrito to twirl about while munching on. The brainchild of Atlanta’s Keith Johnson, this band is back after a long hiatus and poised to deliver another album that will make you want to grab your birkenstocks and head out on tour.Following this American take on world fusion music come a series of songs from around the globe. Ninth on the set is Ludi Garden from India’s, Blue Planet. The overlapping, rhythmic chanting at the end of the song is quite cool.Number 15 is Africa from kora musician, Ba Cissoko from Guinea. The kora is one of my favorite, under-appreciated instruments. Think 2 10-stringed guitars facing each other and played with both thumbs.Other notable enteries this time around are: Flying,DC’s distinctive Carol Bui, San Fran.’s Love Like Fire, and Chicago’s very own May or May NotHumble Peasants by The Most Serene RepublicAbout To Walk by Throw Me The StatueRed Orange Yellow by The Photo AtlasPrincess Priceless by Luke TempleThe Morning Paper by SmogGetting Old by Hot IQsTen Thousand Lines by Electric PresidentLeavened Heart (I Tumble Down) by JanahLudi Garden by Blue PlanetThought I Heard My Banjo Say by Jimmie Strothers & Joe LeeForbidden Sands by FlyingEasy by VoxtrotI Used To Complain Now I Don’t by White Rabbitsthe year after by Carol BuiAfrica by Ba CissokoThe Hymn by The CzarsI’m Actual by The FormatFrom A Tower by Love Like FireBike by May Or May Notspiracle by The Octopus Project / Black Moth Super RainbowIf you are a friend and want to get in on my compilations, just let me know.– Anthony P. Munoz@