Michele Ciro Franzese aka Rosso. grew up in Italy in the 80’s and 90’s, with a deep passion for art. His delicious contemporary illustration and design have appeared in a many publications and books. His logo work graces the pages of Tres Logos, the third installment of the successful series from Die-Gestalten.“Many are the things I take care of, and in which I believe with passion.Graphic design, Video-making, Music, Art and Fashion, but the most satisfyingto me is Love, that little feeling that can be concerned in everything you can see,touch or make. My education is about visual communication and graphic design,as well as the projects I put my energy and skills in. My inclination to illustrationand video-making lead me to an endless search for feelings to change intoeveryday life”

.– RossoThe Red Is Love myspace page. Illustration for Kult magazine.Photographer: Azz aka Giovanni Aponte.CDS cover for BMG/Sony, artist Neffa. Original Soundtrack of film Saturno Contro..— Anthony P. Munozapmunoz.com