The Complicated One is the title of Music Swap mix 114.I like to think of this collection as the soundtrack to a fictional character. As a Bollywood movie moves from comedic to drama to action, so does this mix. I see our guy in a scene introspectively pondering, then booty shaking, off to a wistful romp down memory lane and ultimately ending in an all-out battle with rogue ninjas to save the world. What in tarnation have I been smoking?! Just entertaining myself. How else am I going to make mix number 114 if I don’t make it interesting.Notables on this mix:Our first track is from New York’s White Rabbits returning with another song from their latest release, recently supported with a tour with the Kaiser Chiefs. Producing great music for well over 60 years, Porter Wagoner returns after many years. Thought dead by many or unknown to 20-somethings, Porter was brought out to open for the White Stripes in NYC this summer, introducing him to a whole new set of fans. Sixth place are The Blue SkyBoys, contemporaries of the similar sounding Louvin Brothers. Jose Gonzalez returns in our seventh position with another from his latest release. I love how interconnected I feel everytime I make a new mix. Number nine is a song from founding member of Ethno-Improv Pioneers SUN CITY GIRLS (1981 – 2007), Richard Bishop. I went over to a friend’s cube to see if he knew about this guy and his amazing guitar work. Right there on the wall was a poster that my friend screened for Bill Callaghan’s latest tour with Richard Bishop opening. If I’d only opened my eyes. As I mentioned, Richard does some incredible things on his guitar, mixing influences from all over the world and thrashing them together at break-neck speed. The Master Musicians of Jajouka, bringing you some traditional sounds from Morocco, are tenth. The Mr. T Experience is seventeenth with something from thier ’96 release, Love Is Dead. It makes me nostalgic for the early days of post-punk pop. Sigh.The PlotWhite Rabbits from Fort NightlyBrainyThe National from BoxerPaper Shoes – Hawksley Workman from For Him And The GirlsWake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone – Bound Stems from The Logic of Building the Body Plan EPWagonmaster 2 – Porter Wagoner from WagonmasterWhere The Soul Never Dies – The Blue SkyBoys from Classic Country Remastered: Charlotte, NC 1936, 1937Stay In The ShadeJose Gonzalez from Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen, Volume 8Thank You Louise – Ryan Adams from Love Is HellZurvan – Sir Richard Bishop from While My Guitar Violently BleedsThe Middle Of The Night – The Master Musicians Of Jajouka from Apocalypse Across The SkyMount Wroclai (Idle Days) – Beirut from Gulag OrkestarBack In Your Head – Tegan and Sara from The ConEvery Party (w Prefuse 73) Erlend Oye – Unrest from ADVANCEToo HotKool & The Gang – Billboard Top 100 of 1980 fromSoobax – K’naan from The Dusty Foot PhilosopherVideo Game Heart – All Girl Summer Fun Band from 2Thank You (For Not Being One Of Them) – The Mr. T Experience from Love Is DeadMotor City Is Burning – MC5 from Kick Out The JamsSoulcrusher OperatorSoulcrusher from S/TFailure Of The Devout – Shadows Fall from Threads Of Life