October 2007

Festival of Maps, which opens at the Field Museum on November 2, 2007, and is joined by more than 30 cultural and scientific institutions in a unique collaboration that features maps, globes, artifacts, and artworks from ancient to contemporary times. Coordinated by a committee of leading experts and collectors of historical maps, globes and atlases, the Festival of Maps explores how societies discover, interpret and record their physical, political, psychological, and virtual worlds.

“London Map”Created for the 1851 Great Exhibition, George Shove

There’s even have a cool blog keeping everyone up to date on all the citywide events.For more on all the events happening around Chicago, click on the logo below.

— Anthony P. Munoz


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Sack Wear
Just slightly smarter then your average dumb-*ss tee shirt.

from: Sack Wear

— Anthony P. Munoz

A speedy commute home requires transfering from the Green to the Pink Line, at the Clinton stop, for me. This view from last month captures the sun in the last throws of the “golden hour” as it hits an eastbound train and the EL platform. This magical time of day is happening earlier and earlier.— Anthony P. Munoz

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This coming weekend (2007) many will be celebrating various holidays for the dead. Go out and get inspired!

The Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos, celebrations happen all over Mexico, Central American and in Mexican communities throughout the world. The celebration is in honor of ancestors that have passed, often with differing days for children and adults. Amongst the many traditions, Sugar skulls and skeletons are made and loved by all.

Brazilians celebrate Finados on Nov. 2, in honor of those past.

The Celtic celebration of Samhainn begins at dusk on October 31, the eve of the new Celtic year. Oidhche Shamhna (“oi-kha haw-na”), the Eve of Samhainn, was the most important part of Samhainn. The moment between the old and new year was considered the time when the present and the Otherworld were linked. This holiday is marked by neo-pagans everywhere with rituals, food and spiral dances.

In the Philippines, it’s called Araw ng mga Patay, and families often camp out in cemetaries cleaning, repainting and playing games. It’s treated as a family reunion for both the living and the dead.

Throughout the Roman Catholic community, people celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day, giving presents to children and lighting candles and placing flowers at grave sites.

In Bolivia, the dead are expected to return to their homes and villages. The Andean emphasis is agricultural, since November 1 is in spring south of the Equator. It is the time of returning rains and the reflowering of the earth. The souls of the dead also return to reaffirm life. Tables are bedecked with bread figurines called t’antawawas, sugarcane, chicha, candies and decorated pastries.

Haitians have mixed voodoo traditions with the Roman Catholic, All Saints Day, adding in drums and loud music played at all-night parties in cemetaries. The goal is to wake Baron Samedi, the god of the dead.


Just Some of the Inspirational Events Near You

Mesa, Arizona
Dia de Los Muertos Celebration
Mercado, Altars, Artist Workshops & Procession
Nov. 3rd – 4th

Calabasas, California
Public Samhain Ritual
Neopagan Druid Ritual & Potluck Feast
Oct. 27th

Los Angeles, California
Dia de Los Muertos Celebration
Parades, performance, exhibitions, food, etc.
Oct. 26th – Nov. 9th

Oakland, California
Dia de Los Muertos Celebration
Sunday Oct. 28th

San Franciso, California
Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Procession & Altars
Samhain Spiral Dance
Oct. 27th

misc. Halloween Events
A list of Halloween stuff happening around SF, including a Spider Ball, Costume Dance, Erotic Expo, Vampire Tour, Ghost Hunt, Boo Zoo, and much more.

Chicago, Illinois
69 Parts
A collection of 23 Exquisite Corpses created by 69 Chicago artists
Country Club Chicago
1100 N. Damen
Saturday, October 27, 2007
7-10 pm

Dia de Los Muertos Celebrations
Dining, art shows, etc.
Oct. 25th-Nov. 2nd

Miami, Florida

Halloween Bash at Fairchild Tropical Gardens
Food, Drink, Dancing and Costumes, among the lush gardens
Oct. 27th

Trick or Freak with Dennis Rodman
Oct. 26

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Poetry Performance
Mid-town Writer’s group presents Wend L Brown in a poetry performance for Day of the Dead /Dia de los MuertosWrite Calaveras, eulogies to the living, followed by a writing workshop led by Gaia
Nov. 3rd

New Orleans, Lousiana

Wild Kingdom: Halloween Costume Dance
Saturday, Oct 27th

The Witching Hour Ball 2007
ARVLFC / Les Temps des Vampires presents THE WITCHING HOUR BALL 2007
Vampire Lestat Fan Club Witches Ball
Oct. 26th

New York City, New York

Dia de Los Muertos
An exhibition of altars at the Rocking Horse Cafe on Eighth Avenue.

34th Annual Village Halloween Parade
Thousands of costumed paraders, puppets, dancers, performers and freaks.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Day of the Dead & Celtic Samhain Celebration
Art, altars & snacks
Oct. 27th

Tacoma, Washington
Dia de Los Muertos Celebration
Free Community Celebration
Sunday Nov. 4th

at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve 25 miles west of
Madison, Wisconsin
2007 Samhain Festival: Images of the Afterlife
Ritual, Discussion, Food, Merchants, Family Fun
Oct. 26th – 28th

London, England

17th Latin American Film Festival
Day of the Dead Shrine & Dance Party
Thursday Nov. 1st

Xcaret, Cancun, Mexico

Janal Pixan, or Feast of the Souls, traditional Mayan Celebration
OCt. 30th – Nov. 2nd

— Anthony P. Muñoz

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Terratag’s work is a hybrid of Japanese and British influences. Anime, manga, graffiti, giant robots, and typography all go into the mix. Add in Japan’s latest, bloodiest samurai movie, Afro Samurai, and you have a recipe for cool gear.

BloodPrinted on WHITE T-SHIRT – 165g, 100% Cotton Jersey.

Afro Samurai Utility BagPrinted on HEAVYWEIGHT 100% WOVEN COTTON
— Anthony P. Munoz






this post has moved to: apmunoz.tumblr.com
Species By The Thousands
features fun hand painted accessories and objects with images of based on life amongs wild plants and animals. A healthy dose of macabre humor is stirred in for good measure. All their designs are one-of-a-kind or produced in a very limited quantity.

Lockets – $80
Vintage lockets with hand painted landscapes inside.
18” silver or brass chain.
Assorted designs.

Hand-Painted Shoes – $90
White canvas slip on shoes. Hand painted and added vintage fabric lining.
Women’s sizes 5.5 – 10.

Men’s Organic Crew Shirt – $30
Limited edition designs. Men’s and women’s in various sizes and styles.

Species By The Thousands


Could it have been 10 years already since I was drawn to this website by their “Tokyo Cutie Girl” street fashion photography. Guess it could. Check out Shift, the Japan-based online magazine of visual and creative culture.— Anthony P. Munoz

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