Notable on this mix: Jeff Buckley now ten years gone. This Orange County native continues to have relevant music. Another from Smog is next from his 2000 release, Dongs of Sevotion. Girls Are Short, the happy, young suburban Canadian duo is on 5th. Yung Joc representing our disenfranchised urban-Atlanta youth comes in 6th. Silly song. Fun times regardless. Check out the video link below for his visual accompaniment. Madlib, hailing from LA, graces us with another brilliant snippet from his 2006 Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2 release of killer beats. His newest in the BK series is out and it’s chock full of wonderful beats taken from Bollywood cinema. Damn it’s tasty. Los Shakers are 9th with their take on the early Beatles sound. These Uruguayans tried to ride the wave of the early British invasion and were wildly successful in the Spanish-speaking world. Tom Waits shows up again on this mix, in the 11th spot, with something beautiful from 1977 release, Foreign Affairs. It’s certainly one of my favorites of Tom’s “bar piano” years. 14th place is song I grew up listening to, as did just about every other kid in a Bolivian family. It’s a bit of folk music from the Andean region my family hails from. It’s also the name of the folk dance that goes along with the music. Immediately following is a Hank Williams Sr. tune giving us some early Americana to help round this heavily diverse mix out. The Rosebuds of North Carolina are in 16th with a song from an earlier release. It’s a current favorite of mine. No doubt fans of Death From Above 1979 will hear in the 18th spot, where they may have “borrowed” their sound from. Way before their time, Trans Am was putting out some top-of-the-line stuff. This tune is from their 1998 release, Surveillance. Yes, 1998. 19th is The Retaliates, a hardcore punk band from the Mexican barrios of Los Angeles. Catch them in the film Wassup Rockers. Love to hear that good punk is still getting produced. Calling themselves electro-punk rockers, A.R.E. Weapons comes in 20th with something from their 2003 self-titled release. Finally we end with a song from Los De Abajo from Mexico City. As I mentioned last time, great things coming out of this hemisphere’s largest city.— this post has moved to: