August 2007

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Sloom & Slordig, interior designers based in Amsterdam, bring us these whimsical, customizable “shelves”.

Extended Kast

Stapelkast (no. 20201)

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Sloom & Slordig

Music Swap’s 111th mix is ready. It’s entitled “Use Me” from the odd, trash can bunnies seen in various parts of India. The one used on the cover artwork was taken at a Indian gas station somewhere near Hyderabad.I like this mix, if I do say so myself.The latest from Tegan & Sara, Canada’s cutest lesbian sister combo’s new album The Con. It’s a wonderful evolution and follow-up from their last album, the much Music Swap appearing, Speak Slow. Jersey’s The Finals appear with a song from their first full-length release Plan Your Getaway. Jim Hodgson from Atlanta, comes in third. His country-rock sound will appeal to Americana fans out there. Brooklyn’s incredible Bishop Allen is back with a song off their latest release, The Broken String. You may remember their stunning EP a month project in 2006. 12 note-worthy records came out of that. They are currently touring to support the new release. Catch them while their hot. Once again on Music Swap, The National, again from Brooklyn. Much has been happening with this band lately, from NPR to Letterman appearances. Yet another Brooklyn outfit, repellent, is here with a song from their website. No full-length release from them yet. Hopefully when they do, they’ll venture out of the eastcoast and treat the rest of us to some live music. Heading up north again, we pick up something from Canada’s Sunset Rubdown. You can easily hear where these folks earn their spot in the contemporary Canadian soundscape. And fit in nicely to boot. Hopefully you caught them recently at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago. If you missed them or live somewhere else, check out their website for their tour schedule for October. They are flying around all over North America. Chicago’s Sybris rock! They were already on this mix when I caught their great set at the Wicker Park Fest last month. The ’89 Cubs, rocking from Omaha, Nebraska, are in the mix with something from the, There Are Giants in the Earth release from 2004. Made up of members of Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos and the Good Life, this band deserves all it’s accolades. They seriously crank. Slightly full of themselves, Villeneuve, puts out some great music from Southern France. It didn’t hurt bringing in M83 to help polish their sound. Deliciousness next from Baltimore’s Beach House and their self-titled release. You may remember them from thier tour early this summer. Sarah Glynn, hailing from Austin, Texas, gives us a track from her ’04 release, To Sweeten Up. She’s due for a new release. Keep your fingers crossed. Fellow Austinites, Voxtrot are back with an oldie from their, Raised By Wolves, release. They are in the middle of a big Euro tour, to be followed by loads of dates in the US. Catch them if you can. We can’t get enough of Barcelona’s Ojos de Brujo. Thanks DJ Muckster for calling our attention to them. If you are anywhere near Corsept, France, next Saturday, August 25th, try to see them at the Festival Couvre Freu. Also from Barcelona, Spain, comes Meneo. He’s consistent creating danceable wonders for you. He’s appearing around España the next couple of months. Check out his myspace page for details. A new favorite, the Florida duo Electric President, is on this mix with something from their release, You Have The Right To Remain Awesome, Vol. 01. They are. From their first studio LP in a decade, Dinosaur Jr. are back. It’s pretty good too. No, seriously. Give it a listen. Representing Germany, Ms. John Soda is on our mix providing some simple, beautiful music. With members of Notwist and Couch, it’s no wonder. Lastly Oswego Illinois’ finest, the Doleful Lions, bless us with a song from their release, Song Cyclops Volume Two.Ask me if you’d like to be invited to the peer-to-peer music exchange.— Anthony P. Munoz@

In honor of the birth of our son, my wife Cheryl and I took a beer making class at Beverage Art in Beverly, Illinois. It’s a cute little beer & wine making and supply store located in a near southside, 1950’s suburb of Chicago. We wanted to make a really “hoppy” pale ale style along the lines of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale. Our first batch was ready just in time for Cedar Joaquin’s entry into the world.

Here’s the label artwork I designed for it. The color matches the little guy’s nursery. The kangaroo imagery goes with the name.


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