June 2007

I found this great One-Spot Flea Killer packaging at a junk store down a country road on the Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City, Michigan.
The silhouette on the bottle is the same as a giant 2-story cutout dog that flanked either side of the One-Spot Co. factory on Washington Blvd., in Elkridge Maryland in the mid-1940’s. I’ve heard that the enormous dog was visible far down the road, with neon lights illuminating the words “One-Spot Flea Killer”. Stories tell that a drive past the factory was considered a “reward” by the local kids.

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Art vs. Craft Indie arts, design and crafts bonanza, happening in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 7th & 8th. You don’t want to miss this!— Anthony P. Munoz@ apmunoz.com

MunozFrom left, my great-great uncle, Juan Munoz Reyes (notice the mustache,) great-great-great grandfather, Juan L. Munoz, great-great grandfather Victor Munoz Reyes and great-great-great uncle, thrice removed, Rafael Munoz Quevedo.I restored this scan recently from a sorry state of disrepair. It’s fun bringing back old family photos.— Anthony P. Munoz@ apmunoz.com

WiresCheeta Fight introduces it’s latest addition to graphical aid – our FREE Image Library.If you are like me, you often use digital imagery in your art or design work. For years I’ve been taking photos and using them as textures, backgrounds, brushes, etc.. Finally I’ve started organizing my voluminous backlog and decided to share it with you, my fellow creative person. What would that malt liquor client think if they knew that “funky pattern” in the background of their point of sale was a vectorized photo of a UIC hospital? Or vice versa?! The make great desktops and screensavers too! Download at will.
Cheeta Fight Image Library
— Anthony P. Munoz
@ apmunoz.com

This is the cover to my lastest compilation cd – Heventh Seven. On it the Foundry Field Recordings returns with Battle Brigades, Pt. 2, the second half a long, good song. Check out a hi res version of the video on the great independent video site loaf-i. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone returns with Tonight Was a Disaster. I found an incredible video of Will Johnson performing Re-Run Pills on YouTube. You may know him from his other Music Swap solo appearances or as the leader of Centro-Matic and South San Gabriel. Much respect to K’naan. He’s the real deal. No lie. Check out the video to his song, My God.Duran Duran arrives with Planet Earth, the music video that gave me all my 8th grade dance moves and propelled me to middle school stardom.apmunoz.com— Anthony P. Munoz@ apmunoz.com