Here’s the cover artwork for Music Swap posting 106. This was particularly fun to make – collaging all sorts of vintage artwork, scans and found textures.MS106Is this a mix of music to get slapped by? Music to slap somone to? Songs that will make you want to slap someone? Well, yes. Probably all 3. Maybe none.Michael Penn is back again with a song a really like 20 years ago. Following is a song from the much hyped MC5 from nearly 40 years ago. It holds up. DJ Scene from Seattle takes Cam’Ron’s “Welcome to New York” and crowbars out the Survivor cheese ball sound from the background. Replacing it is a smooth, rolling classic R&B sound with some swagger. Dang this version is a jump up from the original. Meneo comes in fourth with a song that makes me want to fly to Barcelona and slap him. And then maybe dance some. It’s catchy, fun and annoying. All at once. Damian Marley comes to the rescue with fantastic song from his huge Welcome to Jamrock album. New York’s The Rosewood Thieves come in sixth with another song from their latest album From The Decker House. Next up is Girl Talk with a DJ-art-piece-mashup. It’s a tiny snipet from countless jam songs, all smashed together, in a track entitled Pure Magic. Like it or love it, get the slapping started! Midlake enters in the tenth position. Thanks so much to Ben Milam for turning me on to this great band. Dusseldorf based musician Volker Bertelmann is in the eleventh place in the guise of Hauschka. Long gone, but not forgotten Space Needle from Rhode Island follows with a song from their Voyager cd. David Bowie returns with a very early song of his, before he found psychedelics. Dr. Dog and Tom Waits return respectively. Holy smokes the blues version of Born In The USA is hot. Amazing as well is the acoustic version, live on Spanish TV. Check out the video link. First timers The Bravery appear in what I imagine will be a one hit wonder. Panda Bear leaves the Animal Collective briefly to rock the eighteenth spot with a song from Person Pitch. Ending this mix is Slaraffenland of Denmark bring us a mellow exit from their Private Cinema cd.— Anthony P. Munoz@