April 2007

Art Nouveau illustrationIllustratrated book cover found in an antique store in Michigan.— photo and post moved to:@ apmunoz.tumblr.com


Mix 104 on my music blog –MS104I approached this mix with a great enthusiasm coming off our 100th posting party. You see, I actually finished this mix right around the party, but due to some exuberance from all of you, I haven’t had to post it until now. It’s been amazing to get so many incredible mixes in lately. Thanks so much to DJ Take 5, Jim, & Lars! The break in posting my own mixes actually allowed me get a surplus made.So this, my first mix in the 100s felt like the beginning all over again. Hence the title. As always bandnames are often links to their official web pages, or interesting tribute sites I’ve stumbled upon. If you like what you hear, go check out their site. If an individual song looks like a link, it is. Click and it will lead you to a video. Either the official release or some hackneyed bootleg trash. Sweet!Damian Marley starts of this set, after his successful inclusion on the 100th, 3-part series, with the title track from his last album. I have to say, I’m really digging this release. Gangly young boy-toy, Patrick Wolf, comes in with the title track to his new release, The Magic Position. The Music Swap faithful Octopus Project returns with a classic of theirs. Thanks to Nicholas in NYC, Desmond Dekker is back with his 1969 hit, Israelites. Marnie Stern, deep in their tour of Japan right now, come in with a song from their self-titled album. They remind me of Sleater Kinney meets Death Above 1979. Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio put their unique sound on this mix with a much heralded song from their Return to Cookie Mountain album that’s been called, “a dystopian soundtrack in the tradition of art-of-noise classics by David Bowie (Scary Monsters), Radiohead (OK Computer), and Tricky (Pre-Millennium Tension). Coming up next is an old fashioned square dance entitled, “Old Fashioned Square Dance” by classic performer Billy Milton, from Cornshuckers Frolic: Downhome Music And Entertainment From The American Countryside, Volume 2. It’s from the 1920’s and sounds just like you’d want a barn burning how-down to sound like. The square dance transitions nicely into a song from the Pogues from their Red Roses for Me album from 1984. I was reminded just how great this band is as I fortunately caught them at the Congress in Chicago. It was amazing. Leon Ashley, made country fame as the first artist to write, record, release, distribute, and publish his own work. He brings his often covered late 60’s country hit, Laura to the set. Italian/English Parisian Piers Faccini graces us with a song from his 2006, “Tearing the Sky”. It’s got a Palace quality to it, I’m sure you’ll dig. Continuing on the singer/song writer vein is Bill Callahan of Smog, with Let’s Move to The Country from his 1999 release, “Knock Knock”. Besides putting out amazing music, Bill is Joanna Newsom’s current boyfriend. HIs first ever self-titled release is out now and you can catch him performing in and around his home town of Austin, TX. My Latest Novel lends their Scottish accents and Indie-folk sound to the 12th slot on our mix. Their a Glasgow’s Arcade Fire and then some more. Swan Lake, a collaboration of members of the bands, New Pornographers, Wolf Parade, & Frog Eyes, gives us this jangley song from their 2006 self-produced cd, Beast Moans. After a long break, the New Amsterdams are back with an acoustic version of their great song, Borderline. #15 is Wilco’s tease from their soon-to-be released, Sky Blue Sky. Another Scottish band, The Twilight Sad, delivers with a song from their just released, Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters. You may have noticed that I’m a pretty big fan of Andrew Bird. I was really happy to get his latest release and share a first song with you. If you are a super fan yourself, you’ll want to check out this video of his recent appearance as Dr Stringz on the children’s show, Jack’s Big Music Show on the Noggin television network. Dr. Dog was recently described to me by a fellow music fan and famous swapper as “boring”. ?! I couldn’t disagree more. Maybe it’s the lazy warm spring weather, but I find them perfect listening music at the moment. I’ll admit they hit the “Beatles’esc” button while mixing this cd a few times too many, but such is life. Finally our 19th place ends the mix with the 1980 dance hit Rise by Herb Alpert. As a 10-year-old when this was in heavy radio rotation, the song defines rollarskating for me. Losing your balance and running into the wall in front of a row of cute older girls wasn’t so bad with this song playing. Finding this video for our newest music swap feature gave me a flash back to MTV it’s debut year 1981. I doubt they’d like to admit it, but I remember the cooler then cool music channel playing Mr. Alpert a lot that summer. Must have been all the half-naked people dancing half way through the video…MusicSwapEmail me if you’d like to join.— Anthony P. Munoz@ apmunoz.com

The Standard

A wonderful building I stumbled upon on the Southside of Chicago. The glazed tiles are amazing but not as cool as the typeface for “Standard”. Dang.

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Candy Killer

Candy Killer is a collection of illustration work by Brian Taylor of XL5 Design. It is crazy.

Candy Killerxl5 Design

— Anthony P. Munoz@ apmunoz.com