March 2007

Sand SnowOn the Michigan side of Lake Michigan this last February. The wind and blown sand and snow in successions, then wore them all away. It left some interesting patterns in the sand.— photo moved to:@


Some amazing packaging around vintage onion flakes that someone was trying to sell at an antique store.


— Anthony P. Munoz@

Here are the 3 covers I designed for the multi-cd 100th Music Swap posting. Wow. Our first ever mix, created by the collective users of the music blog. Three mixes actually. Sweet meat, this was cool!


Thanks to your enthusiasm we have 3 volumes! I peppered a few in to round things out. Thanks to the few of you that went wild and sent lots of songs, not just one. I’ll use the the extras in the future. If you submitted a song and you don’t see it on one of the 3 volumes – don’t worry, it didn’t get purposefully cut. I still like you. I actually got so many submissions, all at the same time, that my email collapsed. I lost a few, I’m afraid. That’s my fault. I’d love to include your song on one of the next mixes. Would you mind sending it again? Pretty please! If you didn’t make the deadline, now’s your chance to pretend that you did and say that I lost your song. Lucky you.— Anthony P. Munoz@