February 2007

The Earthquakes and Aftershocks exhibition is comprised of a selection of 64 silk-screened posters from the archives of California Institute of the Arts, Graphic Design Program, covering a period of 20 years. These striking specimens represent a small sampling of over 1000 unique posters, created by the Program students that reside in a permanent archive housed at CalArts.

Posters from the CalArts Design Program

— Anthony P. Munoz@ apmunoz.tumbler.com


I found this photo years ago. It is tiny and had a lot of little damage to it. I lovingly restored it and intend to get it framed. I like to think it’s a photo of drinking club of some sort. It’s clearly from the late 19th century considering the starched collars and boller hats. The dozen men are from seemingly widely disparate walks of life. With no writing on the back of the photo, we can only guess at the circumstances.

Beer Drinkers


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