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Verge Art Brooklyn Exhibitors, Locations and Opening Night Performers Announced


Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 3 – 5 March, Noon to 10 pm
Sunday, 6 March, Noon to 6 pm

Coming Thursday, March 3, Verge Art Brooklyn invites you to experience a paradigm shift in art fairs as we know them, a show that recovers the standard of an art fair as a platform for presenting the best work by living artists. Art Brooklyn throws open the doors for attendees to a whole new universe of artists, music, art, and community. Verge Art Brooklyn is proud to announce a list of exhibitors that includes gallery exhibitors, resident DUMBO galleries and Brooklyn Art Now participants for a combined total of over seventy gallery exhibitors at nine locations, nearly forty participants for “Material Issue: Artist’s Projects Spaces” and fifty artists for “Tomorrow Stars: The Art Brooklyn Open Call Exhibition.” Chosen by a distinguished panel of jurors, “Tomorrow Stars” represents the brightest and best Brooklyn has to offer, as selected by Courtney Wendroff of the Brooklyn Arts Council, artist and former president of the NYC chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers Stephen Mallon, blogger and art critic Steve Kaplan, and Danny Simmons, chairman of the NYC chapter of the National Conference of Artists. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own the work of tomorrow’s stars today!

1) 81 Front Street, Ground Floor / One Main Street, Ground Floor
ANTIDOTE, Brooklyn, NY, Albrecht Art Enterprise, New York, NY, Art Project International G77 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY, G2 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, MoCADA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Cue Art Foundation, New York, NY, Firecat Projects, Chicago, IL, Stilllife Gallery, New York, NY, Fine Art Consultancy, London, UK, Arch 402, London, UK, A.R.T. Module R, Brooklyn, NY, Anna Stein Projects, Paris, France, Mayjune Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, Brooklyn Art Project, Brooklyn, NY, and others TBA.

Eric Parnes, “Battered,” Courtesy Stilllife Gallery

6) 111 Front Street, Second Floor
Tabla Rasa Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Audrey Anastasi, “Spoken Birch.” BAC Gallery selected artist(s) work, Alexander Rahul, “Golden Chamber”, Greg Lindquist, “ntitled.” Like The Spice Gallery selected artist(s) and work, Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, “View Quan Yinha.” Micro Museum: Selected artist(s) and work, Kathleen and William Laziza “THE KISSING INSTALLATION 2.0.” Open Source Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Peter Feigenbaum, ”02″, Katerina Marcelja “02.” Camel Art Space: selected artist(s) and work, Rob de Oude, “Hither fro Yonder”, Carl Gunhouse, “Development Nashville, TN.” MoCADA: selected artist(s) and work, Jeff Sims, “Straddle 72.” WORK Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Eric Ayotte, “Protest Painting”, Karin Stothart, “Ileostomy Drainage.” Central Booking: selected artist(s) and work. Despo Magoni, “The Thousand and One Nights series”, Lothar Osterburg, “Zion Homestead.” BRIC Rotunda Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Jeesoo Lee, “Darkening Blue”, Pinar Yolaçan, “Untitled (from Mother Goddess series), Lael Marshall, “Compact Florescent.” Famous Accountants: selected artist(s) and work, Meg Hitchcock, “Nausea, The Sunyatasaptati (Seventy Verses on Emptiness) by Nagarjuna, from Neasea by Jean-Paul Sartre”, Ben Godward, “Shhh! I live here.” Spring Gallery: selected artist(s) and work Charles Lahti, “First Eyes on Jura.” Front Room Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Tom Broadbent, “Floating Camouflaged Pants” Manhattan Bridge Tunnel proposal, Stephen Mallon, “Virginia Placement”, Patricia Smith, “Mapped Location of Pronounced Situation Density.” Janet Kurnatowski: selected artits(s) and work, Craig Olson, “Murcury in the Philosopher’s Egg (Oh! Hospitable Jupiter! And the Trust)”, Ben La Rocco, “Minerva’s Pallette.” English Kills Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Don Pablo Pedro, “jpg #1”, Andrew Hurst, “EOS Digital Rebel ETi.” 440 Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Tom Bovo, “BOVO_TOM_02”, Richard Eagan “EAGAN_RICHARD_01.” LUMENHOUSE: selected artist(s) and work, Jeremiah Teipen, ” Untitled, digital video with screen and player.” Side Show Gallery: selected artist(s) and work, Shari Mendelson, “Bumpy Blue-Green Vessel”, James O. Clark, “Orestes 2006.” Parker’s Box: selected artist(s) and work, Steven Brower, “Child Astronaut Test Suit 1999-2000”, Joshua Stern, “Untitled V” Patrick Martinez “Jesus video.” In addition, a list of Special Projects for Brooklyn Art Now is forthcoming.

CEPT, Courtesy Arch402 Gallery

6) 111 Front Street
Amos Eno Gallery, “On the Road Again,” group exhibition. A.I.R. Gallery, “A.I.R. Gallery 9th Biennial Exhibition, curated by Alexandra Schwartz.” Central Booking, “Measure for Measure,” group exhibition. Giacobetti Paul Gallery, “Passages Remembered”: new paintings by FILIZ emma SOYAK. Klompching Gallery, “Art Fair,” group exhibition. Bose Pacia, “Conundrum,” group exhibition. Dumbo Arts Center, Group Exhibition, “Information Economy.” Janus Stone, “Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable From Magic.” Rachel Mason Performance, “Code Flight ,” March 6, time TBA. 68 Jay Street Mighty Tanaka, “Matt Sewell,” live mural demonstration and gallery artists. 67 Front Street LAND/LETC Gallery, “LANDline,” group exhibition. 92 Plymouth Street Smack Mellon, David Henderson, “A History of Aviation – Part 2” and Shannon Plumb, “The Window Series,” “Smack Mellon Spring Open Studios” with artists Nicole Awai, Maria Buyondo, Ivan Monforte, Jeanine Oleson, Kwabena Slaughter, Seth Wulsin and Rona Yefman.

Pan Mu, “The Book of Mountain and Sea (Detail),”
Courtesy the artist

3 & 5) 55 Washington Street, Fourth Floor / 20 Jay Street, Fourth Floor
Ugur Kunst, Smithtown, NY, Touko Okamura, Tokyo, Japan, David Juter, Brooklyn, NY, Serge Strosberg, New York, NY, Ines Sun, Brooklyn, NY, Kentaro Amagai, Tokyo, Japan, Midori Okuyama, Brooklyn, NY, Javier Jimenez, Rockford, IL, Sarasin Chatwichitkoon, Astoria, NY, Patrick Duffy, Brooklyn, NY, Paul Campbell, Brooklyn, NY, Willy Palanza, Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn Treasury, Brooklyn, NY, Dan Wonderly, Brooklyn, NY, Jerold Ehrlich, Saunderstown, RI, Richard Silver, New York, NY, Ilisa Katz Rissman, Brooklyn, NY, Christopher Chambers, Brooklyn, NY, Kirk Bauer, Brooklyn, NY, Bud McNichol, Livingston, NJ, Ivan Goodman, Brooklyn, NY, Jill Ricci, Neptune City, NJ, Kiyoshi Ike, Brooklyn, NY, Sukanya Cherdrungsi, New York, NY, Dwight Baird, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Chin Chih Yang, Queens, NY, Karina Natis and Chloe Cheau, Queens, NY, Erica Stoller, Rye, NY, Sigal de Mayo, Brooklyn, NY, Judy Baier, Bronx, NY.

Ben Godward, “Shhh! I live here.”
Courtesy the artist and Famous Accountants

5) 20 Jay Street, Third Floor
Jane Grenier, “Dual Forms In Flux,” Brooklyn, NY, Eric Graham, “Reclamation,” Dallas, TX, Kwabena Slaughter, “Chitra In the Woods,” Brooklyn, NY, Mu Pan, “The Book of Mountain and Sea 3,” Brooklyn, NY, Ethan Ryman, “Highline Convergence 4,” New York, NY, Janice Gewirtz, “Rome Facade,” Mountain Lakes, NJ, Gabriela Herman, ” Crushable,” Brooklyn, NY, Tom Graham, “The Artist,” Brooklyn, NY, Davina Feinberg, “Baby #3 From the Series ‘Enameled’,” Brooklyn, NY, Laura Lee-Georgescu, “Soldier With Children,” Brooklyn, NY, Margaret Wiatrowski, “Untitled #10,” New York, NY, Leslie Kerby, “Poppies, Politics and Patterns IV,” Brooklyn, NY, Roni Downey, “Brown Rectangle With Two Holes,” New York, NY, Gregory Jiritano, “Untitled #5,” Brooklyn, NY, Luca Bariola, “Untitled,” New York, NY, Lisa Levy, “”Dr. Lisa’s Ego Challenge,” New York, NY, Chiezo Amagai, “Musicman 3,” Yokosuka, Japan, Christina Massey, “Business and Pleasure 3,” Brooklyn, NY, Christina Graham, “F/W11: Analogue,” Brooklyn, NY, Neill Fearnley, “Ithaca, NY (1968),” Byfield, MA, Chang Nam Lee, ” A Box on the Wooden Floor,” Elmhurst, NY, Christopher Rose, “Traffic Accident,” Brooklyn, NY, Agata Olek and Dev Harman, “Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle 1,” Brooklyn, NY, Bryce Hammond, “15 Once,” New Smyrna Beach, FL, Rachel Alliston, “Borrowed Spaces,” New York, NY, Karen Holt, “MTA Railroads,” Brooklyn, NY, Melissa Sunny Armstrong, “Sweet Senecence,” Brooklyn, NY, Jess Levey, “”Gabi. Cherry Lane Music Co, from “After the Crash,” Brooklyn, NY, Eric Mavko, “Untitled,” Brooklyn, NY, Brian Fekete, “Serotonin Serenade,” Brooklyn, NY, Francesco Vizzini, “Basement #8263,” Brooklyn, NY, Dolly Faibyshev, “Woman in Orange With Boxer,” New York, NY, Nobutaka Aozaki, “Children of Duchamp #5,” New York, NY, Scott Goss, “Forgotten Somewhere,” Cleveland, OH, Ryan Magyar, “Untitled 32,” Brooklyn, NY, Sue Rissberger,”Room in Sachang-ri,” Brooklyn, NY, Ahron D. Weiner, “The Flood,” Brooklyn, NY, John Westmark, “Jolly Molly,” Gainesville, FL, Marta Kochanek, “Deliverance of Body and Soul,” Coventry, UK, Amanda Marchand, “Untitled, from ‘This Enormous Everything’,” Brooklyn, NY, Peter Teraberry, “The Creep Behind the Wall,” Brooklyn, NY, Pablo Cristi, “Belmont Ruins,” Berkeley, CA, Lisa Foster, “Given, Taken, Lost,” Longmeadow, MA, Camille Eskell, “Tattooed Lady: Strange Fruit,” New Canaan, CT, Ashley Simone, “Factory 1,” New York, NY, Frid Branham, “Seafoam,” Brooklyn, NY, K Levni Sinanoglu, “Still Life With Ramp,” Stratford, CT, Kathy Levine, “Crosecitree,”Brooklyn, NY, Sami Ben Larbi, “North By Northwest (Erased and Reshot),” Berlin, Germany, Brian Moriarty, “Khtskonk,” Weehawken, NJ.

Art Brooklyn is the ONLY New York art fair with free admission to all exhibition locations. Free? Free! Not only is Art Brooklyn free for all attendees, but Art Brooklyn also proudly offers VIPs the benefits of its VIP Passport Program. Benefits of the Verge Art Brooklyn Passport Program include visits to private collections, studios and exclusive speaking engagements with artists who make Brooklyn their home, guided tours, and a neighborhood art walk, all updated in the final program booklet. In addition, transportation options from Armory Show will be available for free exclusively to Passport Program cardholders. ALL VIP PASSPORT REQUESTS ARE WILL-CALL. VIPs Passport booklet pick-up is at Brooklyn Arts Council offices, 111 Front Street, Suite 218. Institutional members of the Verge Art Brooklyn Passport Program will be the first recipients of Passport passes and program schedules where RSVPs may prove limited. Passport Program institutional affiliates include:

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Thursday, 3 March, 2011, 10:00 pm to 4 am

Violens, image courtesy ICM management

9:30 pm – Not Blood, Paint – “Beyond the immersive physical theater, beyond the site-specific improv and pageantry NBP sound as much post-punk as post-prog, as much pastiche as parody, they are a guided tour through a minefield of ambitious, dynamic melodies and assorted guilty pleasures. Prog, imbued with humor; a tour-de-force of revisionist 70’s psychedelic adventurism, Not Blood Paint remind us that cocaine is one helluva drug.” -Freewilliamsburg.com
10 pm – Sister Anne – “Sister Anne are “soul-punk” fire-spitters, and pretty much Brooklyn’s best approximation of Detroit. Sister Anne’s somewhat unique take on garage might be the sum of the band’s parts: bassist Leon Chase is a garage geek and soul record nerd from the Motor City, guitarist Michelle Primeaux-Lazarus is a classic shredder, and drummer Jeph Duarte is a feisty groove-punk. But it’s vocalist Kitana, a.k.a. Pink Chocolate, who takes center stage–raised on gospel lick, embodying garage gnarl, and showcasing the best parts of her band’s roughest edges. -Village Voice
10:30 pm – Clifton – “Clifton delivers thought-provoking songs throughout a theatrical performance, complete with backup singers, overhead projections and costumes conceptualized and made by himself and a gang of friends. -Zink Magazine
11 pm – The Brooklyn What? – “The borough’s wildest sons have gotten together to reclaim the phrase “Brooklyn band” from their out-of-towner peers. Instead of gentrifiers with synthesizers, they became local heroes going back to basics with loud electric guitars, danceable rhythms, and the occasional love song, emulating the underdog charm of The Replacements and the wild idealism of The Clash.”
12 am – Violens – “Producer/multi-instrumentalist Jorge Elbrecht, also a member of the art company Lansing-Dreiden, formed Violens in late 2007 as an additional outlet for his songwriting. Iddo Arad (synth) and Myles Matheny (guitar) complete the vocal harmonies, and currently join Elbrecht at the core of the group’s sound. Now, after furthering their studio prowess with remixes (MGMT, The Very Best), runway scores (Patrik Ervell, Yigal Azrouel), and a seasonal mixtape series showcasing their influences and collaborators, Violens have completed their extraordinary debut album.” -Last.fm
1 am – Nebulla (of Code Of Arms, Dem Soul and Konkrete Jungle)
“Hailing from New York City and already a longtime Jungle and Drum and Bass enthusiast, Nebulla has over the years refined his style with a clear dedication to mash-up genres. Nebulla started Code Of Arms Records in the summer of 2007. Los Angeles based label La Dubstep Nostra signed Nebulla and Dore in 2008 for their Czar Black Remix Gettin’ Doe which was released on vinyl along with tracks by Parson and 6blocc.”
2 am – Enoe (Background Sound, Code Of Arms, Amphibian) – NYC based DJ and Producer Enoe can be found at Code of Arms Records, Amphibian Records, and Background Sound.
3 am – M Panorama – M Panorama is a spaceage exoticista from Jupiter. She embodies the technicolour Lucite world of the Sixties, time-warped to the galactic future. In event of emergency, alarm will sound.

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Verge is proud to return to New York during Armory Show 2011 with the inaugural Art Brooklyn, a historic first-ever art fair to take place in multiple locations throughout the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, 3-6 March. Verge has partnered with Two Trees Management, Brooklyn Arts Council and the Brooklyn Borough President’s office to provide critical real estate, government and institutional support to ensure a successful Brooklyn art fair.

An art fair without precedent, Art Brooklyn is the first fair of its kind to be held in Brooklyn, NY. The intention of the fair is to promote and support Brooklyn as a cultural bellwether of artistic endeavor that influences artistic practice the world over. Open to artists and galleries alike at all levels of practice, Art Brooklyn recovers the standard of an art fair as a platform for presenting the best work by living artists.

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“Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood is already electric for Armory Week 2011, as it will mark the debut of Verge: Art Brooklyn—a wildly ambitious, wide-scale art fair encompassing dozens of galleries and hundreds of artists from in and around the borough. From young upstarts to local legends, painters and photographers to craft makers and sculptors, anyone can be a part of this unparalleled four-day event. Come see why Brooklyn truly is the epicenter of boundary-pushing art in the 21st century.” -NYCgo.com

“Jim Nutt: Coming Into Character presents forty-five years of work by this distinguished Chicago-based painter and draftsman. The exhibition, however, is not a conventional retrospective. Rather, it celebrates Nutt’s extraordinary achievement by focusing on the work of the past 20 years—his haunting and meticulously rendered portraits of imaginary women. A selection of earlier paintings and drawings is presented to showcase the artist’s unique creativity and trace the development of the imagery and formal devices Nutt has perfected in the ongoing portrait series. The exhibition, which is laid out roughly chronologically, also pairs a number of paintings with their graphite-on-paper studies in order to better elucidate Nutt’s artistic process.”

Snooper Trooper, 1967
Acrylic on Plexiglas, aluminum and steel; enamel on wood frame
39 x 21 in. (99 x 84.3 cm)
Courtesy the artist
Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago


“The imaginary portraits, so called because they are in the traditional format of a portrait while the figures come completely from Nutt’s vibrant imagination, are generally squarish in shape and modest in scale. They emerged in the mid-1980s, at which time Nutt’s titles became evocative but nonspecific one-syllable words, and explore the nature of line, color, and other formal interests within the motif of arresting and highly stylized faces. The luminous compositions are further enhanced by the dynamic relationship that occurs between the image and the artist-designed or painted frames, a long-standing characteristic of Nutt’s work.

This exhibition is organized by Lynne Warren, Curator.” mcachicago.org


Wiggly Woman, 1966
Acrylic on Plexiglas; aluminum frame
16 1/16 x 12 1/16 in. (40.7 x 30.5 cm)
Collection of Peter Dallos, Wilmette, Illinois
Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago

With the advent of the interweb and the likes of Etsy.com, there is little excuse for giving boring, common gifts this holiday season. The fine folks at Candler Arts have a most unique selection of outsider/folk/self-taught artwork and artful objects that truly are one of a kind.

Painting of Payton Woodard at Pardeeville Pond, Wisc., 1900. Two small spots of paint loss in the sky. 21.6 inches by 17.6 inches. $800

A plastic lense that covered a light fixture at a dry cleaners.
Circa 1960s. Great display piece. 29.6 inches by 21 inches.

Philip Germann of Centerville, Iowa, made this drawing on paper on May 18, 1936.
The fanciful script is reminiscent of much older writing exercises. 10.25 inches by 7.25 inches.

Expertly made but never used, circa 1940, from New England.
Formerly owned by the author of a game board book. 23.75 inches diameter, 0.75 inches thick.

Owner Kevin Duffy, a former journalist and longtime seeker of idiosyncratic objects. His collection in his own words contains pieces that might be strange, offbeat, näive or all of the above. I couldn’t approve more.

To make an inquiry or a purchase, contact Kevin at candlerarts@gmail.com or call 404-217-1150.
Check out their blog: candlerarts.blogspot.com/

If you were a child in the 70’s-80’s, you undoubtedly knew of Spencer’s Gift in your local mall. The place to get every kind of novelty from fake dog poo to adult board games. Fred Flare is the internet’s answer to such a place, albeit with a little better style. Me likes.

This bacon-printed wallet looks like it’s
delicious enough to eat, but it’s actually
a great accessory ready to stash all of
your cash! Includes 6 credit card slots,
3 small pockets, & 2 bill pockets. Faux
leather material. Approx. 4.25″ x 3.75″

We are mad for mustaches, espesh bright-eyed, smiley ones… Pleather coin purse with felt inset is super roomy and features a funny interior print. Loungefly. Item measures about 8″ across.

21″ x 17″
Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 2″ border.

A Society6 member since January 2010, Pat Perry is an artist/illustrator from the US. His artworks are surreal, drawing inspiration from camping and the woods in his hometown of Michigan. His favorite media is pen & ink, and paint, with the occasional use of Photoshop to manipulate color. Purchase his prints on Society6.

Yo Man Hey Dude
17″ x 23″
Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 2″ border.


— Anthony P. Munoz

Holstee, the NYC based eco-friendly design shop, have been at it again. They recently created a minimalist designed wallet ($25) that is not only perfect for carrying your essentials ; credit cards, cash, and sliding window for your ID or transit card, but also fits within their ethos of design with a conscience. Each wallet is constructed from recycled plastic bags and newspapers collected from the streets of Delhi. Each is a one-of-a-kind in its pattern and style. From colored ads, cartoons, headline news, and classifieds no two wallets are the same.



Working with a family-run non-profit based in India that works to collect and recycle litter off the streets of Delhi, Holstee was able to create the dream wallet. This vegan wallet is made primarily of plastic bags and newspapers, collected off the Streets of Delhi in India. Production of this wallet helps reduce waste in Delhi, provides fair wage employment and subsidizes healthcare and education for each employee’s family.